How common is cancer in children?

Although cancer in children is rare, it is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States. In 2014, it is estimated that 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 years will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,960 will die of the disease in the U.S..

The most common types of cancer diagnosed in children and adolescents are leukemia, brain and other central nervous system tumors,  lymphoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor, bone cancer, and gonadal (testicular and ovarian) germ cell tumors.

As of January 1, 2010, there were approximately 380,000 survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer (diagnosed at ages 0 to 19 years) alive in the United States. The number of survivors will continue to increase, given that the incidence of childhood cancer has been rising slightly in recent decades and that survival rates overall are improving.                      


"Creating family memories... 

                       each ballgame at a time."

The Uncle Frank Helping Hand Foundation proudly supports sending kids with cancer on a fun day out to the ball park with their families. Here are some families who joined the UFHHF fundraiser at the 2014 Feast of San Gennaro LA before setting out to the LA Dodgers game!

      In 2010, I founded the Youth Cancer Baseball Tour to do something for children with cancer and their families because I experienced a personal situtation that broke my heart and changed my life forever. In 2000 after the loss of a friend's nephew to childhood cancer I was devastated and lost everything. I became homeless on skidrow Los Angeles. After living on skidrow for about 2 years I knew I wanted more from my life and to make a difference for children with cancer so I started planning the Youth Cancer Baseball Tour.  

    Since we started our first year in 2010, we have taken over 500 kids/families to MLB games! You can read our complete story here http://AtMLB.com/10ApBRy. Last year we went to Pittsburgh, Denver, Arizona, Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Diego ~ this year our dream tour is to go to all 30 MLB ball parks! Kids with cancer and their families deserve a day of joy and memories at one of these great MLB parks. For every $2,000 we hit in 2016, we secure a ballpark for our group of 25-30 kids/families and cover game tickets, food, parking & souvenirs for each family.
      We pray you'll consider helping the 2019 Youth Cancer Baseball Tour! Help us make kids with cancer dreams come true and see a MLB game with their families and friends! You can follow us on twitter @YCBT2014Greg  for more information, photos and updates as we head out on the 2019 Tour ~ and we will follow you back!  It's such a JOY to see what this means to the kids and their families. We appreciate your support of our program . To donate please go to gofundme.com/YCBT2019 ! 

                              THANK YOU & GOD BLESS  
                                            Greg Durfee