Baseball is America's pastime, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that a day out to the ball park with your family makes a great memory, especially when your family is facing the challenge of childhood cancer! Since we started our first tour in 2010, we have taken over 2260 kids/families to MLB games! Last year we went to 15 MLB Cities & 19 Games that is over 500 kids/families fighting childhood cancer seeing there favorite MLB Teams play ! In 2019 our dream tour is to go to all 30 MLB ball parks!  These superstars and their families deserve a day of joy and memories at all the great MLB parks. For every $1,500 we raise in 2019, we secure 5 ball games for our group of 25-30 kids/families ,per ball game  to cover travel, food, parking & souvenirs for each family.

If you'd like to help, please check out our link to donate !   ~ The Youth Cancer Baseball Tour Family

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Uncle Frank Helping Hand Foundation

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The Celtic Tavern (Denver)

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Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Children's Hospital Orange County

City of Hope

Friends of the 2019 Youth Cancer Baseball Tour gathered at The Celtic Tavern fundraiser in Denver before a Colorado Rockies game!

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Youth cancer Baseball tour

"Creating family memories... 

                       each ballgame at a time."